Low power dissipation LED controller

With the latest generation of slimline LCD TVs in mind, austriamicrosystems has introduced the AS3693B 16 channel LED controller IC.

The AS3693B LED has been designed to minimise power dissipation – of crucial importance when designing extremely flat LCD TVs with the highest possible contrast ratios. In addition to a patented power saving technology that actively regulates the LED power supply, the AS3693B minimises power dissipation in the system by also controlling external FETs.

Another feature of the AS3693B is so called 'block dimming control', which is said to result in perfect synchronisation of the LCD picture and the LED backlight unit.
austriamicrosystems' claims that the AS3693B has an industry beating current accuracy of 0.5%. This level of accuracy, it says, results in exact colour and brightness control of the LCD backlight in question. In addition, this ic has 'reverse PWM', which enables different LED backlight segments to be controlled.

The AS3693B, which is already shipping in a ePTQFP64 10 x 10mm package, will be on show at CES 2009, along with the rest of austriamicrosystems LED backlighting solutions.

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