Low-power MEMS oscillator debuts

PORTLAND, Ore. — SiTime Corp. (Sunnyvale, Calif.) claims to have lowered the power consumption of its MEMS oscillators to less than half that of competitors' chips. Available in a 0.25 millimeter package, the SiT80x3 family of MEMS oscillators can also supply two related frequencies.

“We now have the lowest power and the thinnest package,” claimed Jeff Gao, director of marketing at SiTime. “Our power consumption is now less than 3.5 milliamps, which will extend the battery life of handheld devices.”

Handheld devices are turned on and off frequently, prompting SiTime to engineer a 3-millisecond start-up time for its new MEMS oscillators. Gao said the feature is important for devices that are often in stand-by mode.

SiTime produces its MEMS oscillators in large quantities before receiving orders, then programs them in-house for particular frequencies. Customers can specify frequencies between 1 and 110 MHz. Samples are available in 24 hours and volume orders can be shipped in two weeks.

SiTimes' MEMS oscillators can be supplied in packages that are pin-compatible with standard quartz crystal oscillators, or in a 0.25-millimeter-thick package for smart cards, SIM cards and other thin devices. The oscillators are available in a single or two related frequencies.

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