Lowered Price for Field Programmable Analog Array (FPAA) Development Kit

Anadigm, is lowering the price of its full-featured field programmable analog array (FPAA) development kit, including development license, to just $199. Representing a $300 savings, the new pricing will allow designers to try out FPAAs in their applications and move directly to production without paying any additional licensing fees.

“Whatever the application area — audio, industrial, medical, or anywhere else that analog interfaces are required — now there's another good reason to try FPAAs,” said Bill McLean, CEO at Anadigm. “More than ever, designers owe it to themselves to experience all the benefits of software-controlled analog, from ease of design to the introduction of new capabilities made possible by dynamic reconfiguration.”

Anadigm FPAAs are being used by a wide range of customers to replace discrete components and ASICs in real-world interfaces, where the devices greatly reduce the length of design cycles while bringing analog functions under digital control. Dynamically reconfigurable FPAAs allow on-the-fly, real-time control of analog functions by the microprocessor in an embedded system, giving the designer the flexibility to implement new features such as auto-ranging and auto-calibration, and also to have the device change functionality sequentially over time to support multiple operating modes. Statically reconfigurable FPAAs require a reset before reloading a new configuration bitstream.

The AnadigmVortex development system includes AnadigmDesigner2 CAD software and a development board that provides a simple mechanism for evaluation, debugging, and initial test of an FPAA. With its small footprint, the board can even be used for prototyping in some cases.

Development board features include an AN221E04 FPAA with header pins, a serial interface, four uncommitted external op-amp circuits, a 16-MHz oscillator module, and a large breadboard area for building customer-specific interface circuitry. Multiple boards can be daisy-chained, allowing designers to evaluate multi-FPAA systems.

While the development board is supplied with an AN221E04 FPAA, designers can use the board with the latest version of the AnadigmDesigner2 software and any FPAA in the AnadigmVortex family.

The AnadigmVortex development system is available for order now at Pricing for the FPAA family of silicon products ranges from $3.15 to $7.69 in 10,000-piece quantities.

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