Lowest distortion op amp serves 12-, 16-bit data acquisition

Dallas&#8212Texas Instruments' high-speed, ultralow distortion THS4520, in the company's family of fully-differential operational amplifiers, is suited to driving 12- and 16-bit ADCs for 3.3- to 5-volt data acquisition systems and wireless communications, test and measurement, and medical imaging.

“In addition to driving high-speed 12-bit ADCs, the THS4520 provides excellent linearity at frequencies lower than 1 MHz, making it an ideal interface to high-precision 16-bit ADCs,” said Michael Steffes, market development manager for TI's high-speed signal conditioning products.

The THS4520, with a bandwidth of 600 MHz, supports wideband, DC coupled applications. Its low noise density of 2 nV/&#8730Hz and low harmonic distortion (-115 dBc HD2 and -123 dBc HD3 at 8-V p-p output through 100 kHz, the lowest in the industry according to the company) optimizes the match for high-precision ADCs such as TI's 16-bit, 4-MSPS ADS8422, and the dual 12-bit, 65MSPS ADS5232. The chips are pin-compatible with TI's high-speed family of fully-differential amplifiers (THS4508, THS4509, THS4511 and THS4513).

Click here for the product datasheet. The THS4520, in a 16-pin QFN package and characterized over -40 to +85&degC, has a suggested resale price of $2.25 each in 1k quantities. Evaluation modules (EVMs) and SPICE models are available.

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