Lowest-power 16-bit ADC optimizes portable designs

Norwood, Mass.&#8212Analog Devices says its AD7980, a 1-MSPS 16-bit ADC in the company's PulSAR family, consumes 80 percent less power and board space than the closest competing 16-bit converter. “Offering five times lower power per conversion, combined with outstanding AC and DC linearity, the AD7980 will afford remarkable benefits to end users across many varied applications,” said Dick Meaney, vice president of the Precision Signal Processing group.

The AD7980 features 7.5 mW power consumption at 1 MSPS and 75 microwatts at 10 kSPS, the lowest power of any 16-bit ADC at any sample rate, according to the company. Other performance enhancements include 2-LSB maximum INL and 91.5-dB SNR at 20 kHz.

Designed to increase the portability of patient (medical) and industrial monitors and improve the performance and throughput of automated test equipment (ATE) and data acquisition systems, the AD7980's small package size and reduced power consumption lends it to lightweight, wearable electrocardiograms (EKGs), blood pressure monitors, oxygen sensors, and other medical instruments that wirelessly transmit patient information to a data center or the nurses' station. In industrial equipment, the chip's fast sampling rate and low power consumption allow designers to place critical components closer together to improve system performance and speed.

The chip is also suited to easy design into analog sensor packages. This new breed of highly integrated “smart sensors” eliminates the parasitic effects, signaling errors, and delayed response time caused when the ADC is physically separated from the sensor using signal cables.

Click here for additional information. The AD7980, available in LFCSP/QFN (lead-frame chip-scale package/quad flat no-lead) and MSOP packages (five and three times smaller, respectively than competing products), is priced at $19.50 each in 1k quantities. The AD7980 is pin-compatible with the AD768x MSOP family of 16-bit PulSAR ADCs, and works well with the company's ADA4841 driver and buffer op-amps and ADR42x, ADR43x, and ADR44x voltage references.

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