Lowest power op amp claimed

National Semiconductor Corp. (Santa Clara, Calif.) claims to be offering the industry's lowest power consumption operational amplifier (op amp), at 552 nanowatts (nW). With a guaranteed operation down to 1.6V, the PowerWise LPV521 has been designed for long life battery applications, including wireless remote sensors, power-line monitoring, and micropower oxygen and gas sensors.

The LPV521 owes its power efficiency to National's proprietary VIP50 BiCMOS process technology, on which it is made. This op amp is said to offer an industry-leading power-to-performance ratio of 65 uA per MHz.

The LPV521 has a supply voltage range from 1.6V to 5.5V, which coupled with typically 351nA of supply current, makes it well suited for RFID readers and remote sensor applications. A wide-input common-mode voltage range accepts input signals 100 mV beyond each rail, enabling direct connection to several sensor types. A maximum 1mV input offset voltage (Vos) and 3.5uV per degree C of input offset voltage drift (TCVos) are said to enable accurate and stable measurement for high-side and low-side current sensing.

The LPV521 integrates electromagnetic interference (EMI) suppression filters to reduce unwanted radio frequency (RF) interference from external sources such as cell phones, motion sensors and RFID readers.

The part is immediately available in a 5-pin SC-70 package. For more information, or to order samples and an evaluation board, visit National’s website.

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