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Lowpass filters that don’t: A tale of leakage current

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The Filter Wizard series continues :  Kendall Castor-Perry gives us a tale of leakage currents and their relationship to true low-pass filters. He starts by saying: I’m glad that some of my readers were able to spot the ‘problem’ with the low-pass filter we ended up with at the end of “Gee, I see!”.

“First to get back with a good answer was Roger Littlewood.  Was it mean of me to get you all thinking about some simple engineering issues in this way? Sorry if you think it was.”

“But the answer is pretty basic, and you’d feel embarrassed if you flunked the question in a job interview. To put you out of your misery: Bias Current.  Ring a bell?”

To continue and read the entire article , which originally appeared at EE Times Europe—Analog , click here.

About the author
Kendall Castor-Perry is a Principal Architect at Cypress Semiconductor Corp., doing mixed-signal system analysis and design for the new PSoC platform.  Kendall uses decades of experience in analog engineering, filtering and signal processing to capture signals across many domains, extract the information from them and do something useful with it.

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