LPRS : Wireless module is small and lower cost

LPRS announces the latest radio module from Circuit Design Inc. The new MU-2-R embedded radio module operates at 434MHz and brings together industrial quality and reliability while having dimensions of just 50x30x9mm it’s only 55% the size of the existing MU-1-R.

The MU-2-R offers 128 RF channels and data speeds up to 4.8kbps with a transmission range from 500 to 700m. The new design is based on an RFIC to ensure very competitive pricing. A number of useful functions are available as standard. These include an RF Test command for evaluating radio environmental conditions at installation site, which allows measurement of received signal strength and floor-noise and packet test measurement of RF communication quality. Transmission power may be user selected between 1mW to 10mW to avoid interference with other RF networks. And the new module offers long-range communication from battery power, at 10mW the MU-2-R has a range of greater than 600m. For even greater range additional modules may be installed as relay stations.

Barry Gillibrand, Managing Director or LPRS, comments, ”CDI are at the leading edge of short range radio module design. The new MU-2-R offers more performance in a smaller package and will be ideal for new applications emerging in industrial automation and building control. SRD’s offer price and performance benefits over systems based on Zigbee or Bluetooth and LPRS have the depth of engineering experience to make sure our customers get the best possible wireless solutions in the fastest development time.”

The new CDI MU-2-R offers enhanced error correction by using the Reed-Solomon code has which offers strong data recovery for errors caused by burst noise and can improve the receiver sensitivity by more than 5dB. Reed-Solomon code is also used on CD’s, satellite communications and digital TV broadcasting. With a wide operating temperature range, from –20ºC to +65ºC the MU-2-R is ideal for industrial applications.

Typical applications include long-range wireless communications and industrial communications within single buildings or multiple buildings on an industrial site. For more information please visit or call +44(0)1993 709418.

About LPRS:

LPRS is Europe’s leading wireless solutions supplier. Customers benefit from over 10 years experience of getting the most out of low power radio modules in the license free frequency bands. Their innovative “easyRadio” concept acknowledges the gulf between hardware solutions and actually achieving reliable data transfer. By providing an efficient “over-air” protocol accurate signal reception is ensured and range performance is maximised. An “easy-radio” module tailored to an application can save weeks of programming time and takes the stress out of getting a radio product to market. LPRS is a member of the LPRA (Low Power Radio Association), The company’s website can be found on

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