LTRIM solution streamlines power management needs for Bluetooth/Wi-Fi Devices

Montreal, Qubec — March 25, 2004 — LTRIM Technologies, an innovative leader in CMOS analog virtual components and Laser Fine Tuning technologies, unveiled its new PowerTrimPaK integrated power management solution for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi SoCs. PowerTrimPaK IP blocks address the particular power needs and space constraints of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi systems and products and provide ease of design to both SoC designers and system developers.

Today's announcement marks the first step in LTRIM's plan to provide SoC developers with a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance, laser-trimmable analog IP blocks. LTRIM offerings aim to meet the growing integration needs of SoC engineers bringing small portable products to market.

Developers of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices must contend with a wide variety of power management concerns, most of which typically involve non-trivial analog design. LTRIM's PowerTrimPaK solution lets designers achieve an unprecedented level of power-function integration, bringing all the key power functions inside the portable-device SoC. Furthermore, system designers have control of the various on-chip PowerTrimPaK functions, enabling further power efficiency via the ability to fine-tune the performance of some of the individual power function blocks.

Results achieved through the PowerTrimPaK include dramatically reduced size and power consumption (increased battery life), BOM cost savings, higher reliability, higher performance, exceptional accuracy, and improved programmability/flexibility. These benefits are considered crucial to the success of next-generation Bluetooth- and Wi-Fi-based wireless portable devices.

PowerTrimPaK IP Blocks
LTRIM's PowerTrimPaK includes the following available IP blocks:

– Battery Charge Monitoring*
– Battery Charger* (with laser tunable RSENS)
– Charge Pump Converter for Flash Memory Voltage
– Charge Pump Converter for LED or LCD Supply
– DC-DC Buck/Boost Converter
– DC-DC Buck – step down converter
– DC-DC Boost – step up converter
– Inverted Charge Pump Converter for memory Back Bias
– LDO (Low Drop Out) Voltage Regulator*
– Power Management Controller (digital)
– Reverse Battery Protection
– Temperature Sensor*
– Voltage References*

*IP blocks that can be further tuned with LTRIM's laser fine-tuning to achieve better accuracy and performance.

SoC designers can start integrating the silicon proven IP blocks available today in their new designs. IP functions are available separately or they can be combined in a single block.

LTRIM Technologies is a provider of high-end, high-performance power management CMOS analog virtual component solutions that can be easily integrated into CMOS mixed-signal SoCs and analog chips. In addition, LTRIM Technologies has created and patented a new Laser Fine Tuning technology for standard silicon diffused resistors.

LTRIM Technologies – Tel: 450-681-3171.

Bluetooth PowerTrimPak

WiFi PowerTrimPak

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