LVPECL Translator Clock IC’s Help Solve Jitter Issues

San Jose, Calif. — Pericom Semiconductor Corp. launched a family of 3.3-V, 1:4 LVPECL clock buffers with speeds up to 800 MHz.

The PI6C4853x IC's target the networking, telecommunications, storage, and industrial system markets. Due to the variety of high-speed applications using LVPECL clock signals and other differential signals, most engineers need to design around mixed-signal architectures. High-speed LVPECL system environments are also very sensitive to jitter. PI6C48533-01 (differential to LVPECL), PI6C48535-01 (LVCMOS to LVPECL), PI6C48535-11 (crystal to LVPECL) are solutions for solving translation requirements as well as eliminating jitter concerns.

Pericom's PI6C4853x-xx products are 3.3-V high-performance differential clock converters with four pairs of LVPECL outputs. Each device has different input signals to convert and fanout to four LVPECL outputs. In addition, each device offers a selection of two inputs for systems with fail safe and redundancy requirements. Some systems distribute a clock signal from board to board, so if the main system clock fails, the local (backup) clock will be switched over to continue the operation. All three devices are designed without phase-locked loop (PLL's) in order to eliminate any possibility of injecting noise or jitter during conversion. A data-latch is also implemented to prevent any runt pulse when switching asynchronous clocks.

Common Features:

*Power Supply: 3.3 V

*I/O Configuration: 1 to 4

*Low Skew: 30ps maximum

*Part Skew: 150ps maximum

*Speed: 500 to 800 MHz

*Propagation Delay: 1.5 ns maximum

*No Jitter: Non-PLL LVPECL clock buffer

*Operating Temperature: −40C to +85C

*Package: 20-pin Lead-free & Green TSSOP

Availability and pricing:

Samples are available today with full production scheduled for November. Pricing is $3 in 5,000-unit quantities.

Free product samples, datasheets, IBIS models, technical support, and application notes can be found on the company website:

All relevant datasheets can be found at:″>

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