M/A-COM Targets Military/Avionics Markets with New Amplifier Family

Lowell, Mass. &#151 M/A-COM Inc.'s family of Ka-band triplers, X-band variable gain amplifiers and Ka-band power amplifiers boast an inventive weight and space saving design that utilizes the latest advances in housing materials for the military and avionics market.

Ka-Band Connectorized Variable Gain Amplifiers:

  • MAAMML0016 (24-30 GHz) and MAAMML0017 (30-36 GHz) are high reliability Ka-band connectorized amplifiers. Built-in circuitry ensures that power supply sequencing can be in any order, for both power-up and power-down.
  • The MAAMML0018 (8-12 GHz) is a high reliability X-band variable gain amplifier. A variable attenuator is followed by an X-band amplifier. This allows total unit gain to be adjustable over a >= 28 dB range, from an applied control voltage.

X- to Ka-Band Triplers:

  • The MAAMML0019 (8-10 GHz to 24-30 GHz), MAAMML0020 (9-11 GHz to 27-33 GHz) and MAAMML0021 (10-12 GHz to 30-36 GHz) are high reliability X to Ka-band triplers. The units consist of a tripler followed by a Ka-band amplifier and band pass filter (BPF). The amplifier restores output signal strength and the BPF reduces out of band products.

The MAAMML0016, MAAMML0017, MAAMML0018, MAAMML0019, MAAMML0020 and MAAMML0021, available through M/A-COM's direct field sales force, are also available as space qualified versions. Additionally, alternative frequency ranges, gain, output power and supply rail configurations are available.

For more information about M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics, please call 1-800-366-2266 or visit

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