M-LVDS receivers cut board space, power in backplane apps

Dallas—Texas Instruments Inc.'s dedicated multipoint-LVDS (M-LVDS) receivers designated the SN65MLVD2 and SN65MLVD3 are intended to help backplane equipment manufactures save board space, power and cost.

According to TI, the SN65MLVD2 and SN65MLVD3 are the industry's first dedicated M-LVDS receivers. To date, customers converting M-LVDS to LVTLL for multi-drop clock distribution have used transceivers with unnecessary integrated driver circuitry. The SN65MLVD2 and SN65MLVD3 single-channel receivers are designed to cut space, power consumption and cost in end equipment such as cellular base stations, central office switches, network switches, routers and AdvancedTCA systems.

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According to TI, the SN65MLVD2 type-1 M-LVDS receiver provides the best noise margin with switching occurring near the zero volt (differential) input level. The SN65MLVD3 type-2 M-LVDS receiver provides built-in failsafe protection and eliminates the need for external pull-up/down resistors.

Other key features include clock frequencies up to 125 MHz and signaling rates up to 250 Mbits/s. The devices also support 30-ohms to 55-ohms line impedances.

Both the SN65MLVD2 and SN65MLVD3 are available in volume quantities from TI and its authorized distributors packaged in 8-pin small outline package (DRB). Suggested resale pricing in 1,000-piece quantities is $1.45 each for both the SN65MLVD2 and SN65MLVD3.

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