Macroblock high-power LED driver allows dimming from 100% to 0%

Hsinchu, Taiwan — Targeting the emerging lighting market of high power LEDs, Macroblock is releasing the MBI1802 dual-channel high-power LED driver which offers an output current of up to 360mA. With PrecisionDrive™ and All-Ways-On™ techniques, the circuit provides two constant-current channels with high output current capability. Users may adjust the output current up to 360 mA through an external resistor so that the MBI802 fits various kinds of LED lighting applications. LED brightness can be precisely dimmed from 100% to 0% via an output enable control with Pulse Width Modulation technique. Alternatively, thje circuit provides an extra current adjustment capability which delivers a quarter of the output current when enabled. To ensure system reliability, the MBI1802 is built with a temperature sensor and provides a thermal protection function and a thermal pad. The temperature sensor can detect the heat status of the circuit and the TP function can shut down the current to protect IC when the temperature is above 165°C. The MBI1802 is packaged with a thermal pad to enhance heat dissipation through a metal substrate. As a result, it can handle a large amount of output current safely in one SOP8 package. Applications include 1W/2W/6W LED table lamps, 5W flashlights and MR16 lamps. Macroblock , Hsinchu, Taiwan.

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