Macrovision Connected Platform Enable Multi-Room Digital Video Recorder Applications with Tru2Way

A multi-room digital video recorded (DVR) is something that I am quite interested in, and anxious to really penetrate the industry. With a multi-room DVR, content can be stored in one location and viewed in another room in the home, freeing up users from being tied to one location, or having to purchase and recording content in multiple rooms. While it is possible to have this type of functionality from media center PCs, it is not a quick and easy thing to set up, while multi-room DVRs promise quick, simple connectivity.

Macrovision Solutions Corporation announced its Connected Platform solution's support of tru2way technology, the cable industry's platform for enabling interactive video and content services capabilities in digital TV devices. By deploying the new Connected Platform solution, consumer electronics manufacturers of set-top boxes and TVs now have the ability to develop tru2way-ready multi-room DVR devices that can share recorded television content as well as personal and premium digital content throughout the home.

Set-top boxes today are almost all custom solutions. Each one is designed using their own methodology which makes it difficult for cable companies to implement new technology because they have to take all the possible systems available into account. By having a common middle-ware interface it will mean that more set-top boxes can interface together. Macrovision has worked with many of the major set-top box providers in the past, including Scientific Atlanta/CISCO, Motorola and Samsung, which is a good indication that, if their technology is accepted, solutions will be adopted in the market allowing for communication from set-top boxes from multiple vendors.

Today's consumer has access to a nearly infinite source of available digital entertainment content but once acquired, this content often stays locked in to a single device. The new Connected Platform solution enables manufacturers to provide consumers with whole home access to DVR-recorded content as well as music, video, photos and Internet content from a variety of locations and DLNA-, UPnP- and DTCP-IP-compliant devices via a home data network.

Tru2way technology offers a simple user environment, meaning fewer wires, fewer remotes, and a straightforward setup process. Tru2way technology provides a common platform that enables retail devices to receive the wide variety of video-on-demand services, interactive program guides, and other interactive features that cable systems deliver through the many divergent network technologies, and deliver these cable services through a variety of retail devices.

The Connected Platform solution with tru2way support is planned for availability in Q2 2009 in the North America market.

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