MAGiK, a Graphics & Media Rich Platform for Rapid Application and Product Development.

STUTTGART, Germany , Feb. 10 /PRNewswire/ — TES Electronic Solutions (“TES”), the global electronics design and manufacturing services company, today announced the availability of MAGiK, a media and graphics innovation kit. MAGiK is an open platform for rapid application and product development ideal for applications such as home automation, entertainment systems in transportation and industrial displays.

MAGiK leverages TES' competence of integrating technologies in graphics, multimedia, electronic design services and manufacturing. The innovation kit is a combination of a flexible production ready system module based on a Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) OMAP3530 applications processor along with a generic I/O board, offering a host of multimedia connectivity and expansion to suite most embedded development requirements. The user interface, a key aspect in most products today is accelerated by the use of TES Guiliani HMI framework and tools. The Guiliani UI editor provides developers with a quick and easy way to create and deploy stunning visual effects using OpenGL® ES, and the framework is coupled with the powerful media framework OpenCORE™ to bring a host of media playback and recording features.  MAGiK is offered today with a choice of Linux, Windows® Embedded CE 6.0 or Android.

Juergen Zeller , CEO TES Design Services & Technology stated, “MAGiK offers our customers a complete product solution and a development platform, which reduces risk in both hardware and software development. Our customers also benefit with our integrated manufacturing and electronics design services besides achieving the critical time to market. A true added value is bringing TES Guiliani HMI on OMAP35x to ease customer's development of user interfaces in the non-mobile market. Clearly TI's  OMAP35x is a marketing 'leading solution in portable multimedia and graphics. With MAGiK based on the OMAP(TM) platform, we are pleased to further extend our cooperation with TI which initially started with automotive graphics.”  

Michael Sharpless , TI Worldwide Sales Manager, Elite Design House Program, TI, said, “As an Elite Design House member, TES' hardware and software design expertise is clearly highlighted on MAGiK through integrating multimedia and a user-friendly HMI framework for a variety of industrial and consumer applications. The MAGiK reference design, based on TI's high performance Analog, power management and OMAP35x devices combined with TES' manufacturing services is already helping worldwide customers accelerate time-to-market for their products.”

Typical applications for MAGiK are home media devices, museum AV guides, portable industrial measurement devices, building security, media phone with DECT, personal medical devices, portable GNSS displays and digital signage. More information on MAGiK can be obtained on

Features of MAGiK-MX Kit:

  • 7″ 800×480 multi-touch display
  • MAGiK MX System module supports
    • TI OMAP3530
    • 256 Mbytes Mobile DDR
    • 512 Mbytes NAND, 64Mbytes NOR Flash
    • Complete power management on board
    • Micro SD
    • 2×180 Pin high speed connector  
  • Support Linux, Windows Embedded CE 6.0 and Android
  • Multimedia framework OpenCORE™ integrated with MPEG-4, H.264, MP3 and AAC codecs  on Linux and Android
  • HDMI, RCA and component video input / output
  • Industrial temperature grades and RoHS compliant
  • Generic expansion through Altera Cyclone III FPGA
  • Optional Wifi, Bluetooth and Mobile modem support
  • Optional DECT & CAT-iq support on USB/SPI

About TES Electronic Solutions

TES Electronic Solutions is a global electronics services company offering a blend of technology innovation and custom electronic design and manufacturing solutions.  TES designs customer specific systems or sub-systems that are optimized to a customer's application. TES also develops licensable wireless, graphics and multimedia IP which accelerates time to market. TES has expertise in the design of analog and digital integrated circuits, embedded software and hardware up to complete system solutions.  The company delivers solutions to blue-chip companies worldwide from its 14 design centres and its manufacturing sites in France and in Penang .


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