Magma Announces FineSim Pro Parallel Manager

Venice, FL &#8212 Magma Design Automation Inc. has announced the availability of FineSim&#174 Pro Parallel Manager, the first parallel fast-SPICE simulation capability available to the semiconductor industry. Built on Magma's proprietary Native Parallel TechnologyTM , this parallel fast-SPICE option to FineSim Pro makes it possible the verification of very large, complex mixed-signal systems on chip (SoCs).

FineSim Pro is a circuit-level simulation and analysis tool that incorporates transistor-level simulation capabilities for full-chip mixed digital and analog designs. FineSim Pro contains a new tri-mode simulation engine with distributed processing that enables customers to simulate entire mixed-signal system chips at the transistor level.

With increased performance, capacity and accuracy, analog designers can now simulate advanced mixed-signal designs, such as wireless SoCs or very large Flash or DRAM designs. “The addition of FineSim Pro Parallel Manager to our circuit simulation product family demonstrates Magma's ongoing commitment to understanding and addressing our customers' toughest challenges,” said Suk Lee, general manager of Magma's Custom Design Business Unit.

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