Manufacturing Process Provides Turbo Charge to 15 New Analog ICs

Norwood, Mass. — Utilizing its patented iCMOS process technology, Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) has rolled out a host of analog ICs boasting outstanding performance and up to 30-V supplies for industrial and instrumentation applications.

ADI's iCMOS semiconductor manufacturing process combines high-voltage silicon
with submicron CMOS and complementary bipolar technologies. This process enables high performance, design, and cost efficiencies in high-voltage applications, such as factory automation and process controls, according to the company.

“Process technologies such as iCMOS are necessary to deliver products that combine both high
performance and high-voltage tolerance in a single submicron modular process, said Charles Mantel, vice president of research at Selantek, Inc., a semiconductor market research firm in Mountain View, Calif. Traditionally, processes in the industrial sector have lagged behind those in other markets. However, the development of processes such as iCMOS will allow the industrial marketplace to benefit from the same technology expertise that is used in other high volume applications, he said.

ADI has introduced fifteen new analog components using this technology. Unlike analog solutions using conventional CMOS manufacturing processes, components manufactured on the iCMOS industrial process can withstand up to 30-V supplies while delivering breakthrough performance levels, cutting system design cost, and reducing power consumption by up to 85% and package size by 30%, the company said.

“Prior to the iCMOS development, industrial designers considering an analog CMOS product for its cost or power efficiency benefits were forced to add significant levels of signal conditioning, signal biasing, and external op amps to get the high speed and low power consumption required to interface to high-voltage industrial systems ranging from actuators to sensors,” said Denis Doyle, ADI fellow, process development. “Under those conditions, manufacturing technologies capable of handling 30 volts were in the range of 3.0 microns to 5.0 microns, and adding digital functionality caused them to grow to unacceptable sizes. iCMOS makes this approach obsolete by enabling the integration of more signal chain functionality into a much smaller footprint without compromising performance,” he explained.

The new products include:

— Quad 16-Bit D/A Converter: The AD5764 combines four 16-bit digital-to-analog converters (D/A converters) in a single-chip, and offers a high accuracy solution that is 50 percent smaller than competing devices.

For applications that require extremely precise data conversion in the harshest and noisiest industrial environments, the AD5764 D/A converter features ±10-V tolerances and extensive on-chip signal chain integration. Using technological advancements enabled by ADI's iCMOS industrial process technology, the AD5764 achieves a three-fold improvement in accuracy over previously available high-voltage D/A converters. This quad, serial input, bipolar voltage output D/A converter provides 1 least significant bit (LSB) integral nonlinearity (INL), 1 LSB differential nonlinearity (DNL), and with gain and offset calibration to less than 1 mV. In addition, the device integrates features essential to reducing design time and overall system cost, including an on-chip 3 ppm per degree C reference (typical), reference buffers, low headroom/wide swing amplifier, temperature sensor, power-on reset, power on/off output control and I/O lines.

Housed in a 32-lead TQFP measuring 7mm x 7mm, pricing is $27.00 per unit in 1,000-piece quantities. Samples are available now.

Click here for the AD5764 data sheet.

— Six True Bipolar Input, Multichannel A/D Converters: The 13-bit AD732x and 12 to 16-bit AD765x analog-to-digital converters (A/D converters) allow wide input ranges from ±2.5 V to ±10 V, and feature software selectable inputs.

These A/D converters provide higher speed and accuracy, reduce power consumption by 60%, and require fewer external components, making them suitable for industrial and instrumentation applications that use high-voltage (±10 V) signals, such as oscilloscope test functions, motor control, voltage drives, power line monitoring, and channel test tools for pipeline inspections.

The AD7328 is a 13-bit, 8-channel A/D converter at 1 mega-samples per second (MS/sec) in a 20-lead LQFP, which consumes only 25 mW of power. The AD7656 is a 16-bit, 6-channel (± 4 LSB max INL) device at 250 kilo-samples per second (KS/sec) in a 64 lead LQFP.

The AD7328 and AD7656 A/D converters and their derivatives, which are all sampling now, are scheduled for full production in May 2005 and July 2005, respectively.

Pricing ranges from $4.75 for the AD7322 (13-bit, 2-channel) device, to $17.00 for the AD7656 (16-bit, 6-channel device).

Click here for the AD7328 data sheet.

Click here for the AD7656 data sheet.

— High-Precision Op Amp: The AD8661 precision rail-to-rail operational amplifier features a wide dynamic operating voltage from 5 V to 16 V for single supply operation combined
with low offset voltage, low input-bias, and packaging that is one third the size of competing devices.

As its newest member, the AD8661 is the first device in Analog Devices' family of industry-leading DigiTrim precision op amps designed specifically for applications requiring operating voltages in the range of 5 V to 16 V (±8 V). The AD8661 also is the first in a series of competitively priced operational amplifiers that will be manufactured on ADI's iCMOS industrial process technology. Dual and quad iCMOS op amps are expected in 2005.

The AD8661 features low offset voltage of 75 μV (max) and low noise at 10 nV/Hz. The amplifier also reduces input bias currents of 1 pA (max) by a factor of two to four over the closest competing products, which is required by devices like high-impedance photodiodes used in opto-electronic applications. The AD8661 features rail-to-rail output operating voltages from 60 mV to 4.85 V for 5-V supplies and -7.97 V to 7.95 V for ±8-V supplies. These tight specifications allow developers to simplify their signal conditioning designs.

The AD8661 is practical for industrial and instrumentation applications, such as process control, motor control, power-line filtering, point-of-load sensing, and amplification for pressure, strain, and temperature, which require a wide dynamic operating voltage range. Designed for both single- and dual-supply operation, it is also is also suited for medical equipment, communications infrastructure, automotive and consumer audio applications.

The AD8661 is now sampling with full production quantities scheduled for April 2005. Available in 8-lead SOIC and 3mm x 3mm LFCSP packaging options, the AD8661 is priced at 78 cents each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Click here for the AD8661 data sheet.

— Seven High-Voltage Switches and Multiplexers: Supporting ±15-V signals, the ADG12xx switches offer very low capacitance, while the ADG14xx multiplexers dramatically reduce on-resistance.

The ADG12xx switches and multiplexers offer the lowest capacitance per channel (2 pF), providing higher speeds and faster acquisition times in the sample-and-hold and gain-selection sections of data-acquisition boards. This tiny capacitance eliminates concerns over spurious glitches that cause increased settling time, speeding up the design cycle and improving field robustness.

The ADG14xx multiplexers offer low on-resistance that is 85% lower than the nearest competitor — featuring a maximum 5-Ω on-resistance over the full signal range, significantly reducing signal loss through the switch, and enabling higher accuracy measurements in applications, such as gain switching networks and relay replacements, where low distortion is critical to reliable, predictable circuit performance.

Pricing for the ADG12xx switches and multiplexers ranges from $1.95 to $2.25 in 1,000-piece quantities.

Click here for the ADG1211 data sheet.

Click here for more information about the iCMOS process and to view all 15 of ADI’s new products.

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