Maxim : Gamma-Vcom buffer supports four gamma curves

Maxim Integrated Products introduces the DS3510 highly integrated gamma/Vcom buffer with on-chip EEPROM that supports four gamma curves and rapid switching among curves. This device is composed of ten independent gamma channels and one Vcom channel; each channel includes 4 bytes of EEPROM, two latches, an 8-bit DAC, and a high-performance buffer amplifier. These features enable pin-controllable, gamma/Vcom table switching in less than 300ns. When speed is not critical, table switching can be commanded through an I2C-compatible interface. Each table implements a different gamma curve, which allows TFT-LCD designers to compensate for a wide variety of conditions, such as temperature, ambient-light level, backlight setting, aging, and color mode in sequential displays.

Additionally, each of the DS3510's ten gamma outputs supports current sinking/sourcing over the full analog range. Competitive solutions typically place inconvenient voltage and current-direction restrictions on each gamma output, which can lead to incompatibility with column-driver input characteristics and complicate PCB layout. The DS3510 eliminates these concerns.

This device operates from a 2.7V to 5.5V digital supply and supports an analog supply range of 9.0V to 15.0V. Fully specified to operate over a wide -45 degrees Celsius to +95 degrees Celsius temperature range, the DS3510 is packaged in a 48-pin TQFN that is available in either bulk or tape-and-reel form. Prices start at $1.50 (10,000-up, FOB USA).

Maxim Integrated Products, a two billion dollar company, designs and manufactures ICs for analog and mixed-signal applications. The company has designed over 5400 products, more than any other analog semiconductor company, in the 25 years since its founding.

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