Maxim’s multichannel sensor eliminates external trim components


Sunnyvale, Calif. — This multichannel, 16-bit programmable sensor signal processor from Maxim Integrated Products Inc. delivers powerful performance without external trim components, according to the company.

Because the trimming is actually done internally and the internal devices are digitally programmable, there is no need for external components and laser trimming, said Youssof Fathi, Maxim's senior applications engineer. “The resistors, capacitors and flash memory are all internal now,” he said.

The low-power, low-noise, sensor provides amplification, calibration, signal linearization, temperature
compensation and powerful overall performance approaching the inherent repeatability of the sensor, Fathi said.

The MAX1464 accommodates sensors with sensitivities ranging from 1 mV/V to 1 V/V. Optimized for industrial, automotive, and process control applications, the MAX1464 is designed for use with a broad range of sensors, including pressure sensing and compensation, resistance temperature detector (RTD) and thermal-couple linearization, weight sensing and classification, and remote process monitoring with limit indication.

The MAX1464 includes two 16-bit voltage-output digital-to-analog converters (D/A converters) and two 12-bit
pulse-width modulators (PWMs), which can be used to indicate each of the temperature-compensated sensor signals independently, as a sum or difference signal, or as a user-defined relationship between each
signal and temperature. Uncommitted op amps are available to buffer the D/A converter outputs, drive heavier external loads, or provide additional gain and filtering. The MAX1464 also incorporates a 16-bit CPU,
user-programmable 4 Kbytes of flash program memory, 128 bytes of flash user information, one 16-bit analog-to-digital converter (A/D converter), four rail-to-rail op amps, one SPI-compatible interface, two general purpose input/output interface (GPIOs), and one on-chip temperature sensor.

Packaged in a 28-pin SSOP package, the MAX1464 operates from a single 5.0 V supply and is available for automotive, industrial, and commercial temperature ranges.

Prices start at $3.35 (10,000-up, FOB USA). Evaluation kits are also available.

Click here for the preliminary data sheet.

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