MCUs bolster data transfer in TFT displays

San Jose, Calif.—Renesas Technology America Inc. has introduced ten microcontrollers (MCUs) in the H8SX family that provide a faster A/D converter and a more precise D/A converter.

The 32-bit, 50MHz devices give embedded systems better analog signal-processing capabilities for interfacing to TFT displays, sensors, scanners, and other types of input/output elements found in PCs, digital consumer products, office automation (OA) and industrial equipment. The CISC MCUs are members of the H8SX/1645, H8SX/1635, H8SX/1665, and H8SX/1655 product groups.

According to Renesas, the enhanced analog capability is required in many applications, especially when large amounts of data need to be processed in a relatively short period of time. The two independent 10-bit A/D units offer capabilities to rapidly convert analog inputs to digital signals with less than 1 µs conversion time. In addition, the H8SX has a multi bus architecture with built-in DMA and EXDMA units that can execute data transfer and JPEG image processing in parallel. The enhanced A/D and D/A converters maintain compatibility with existing products, so the settings used in systems built with the previous H8SX MCUs can be maintained without time-consuming modifications.

The MCUs have up to 512KB on-chip flash memory and 40KB RAM. The flash memory is accessible in a single cycle at 50MHz operating frequencies for fast response time. A powerful CISC instruction set and the single-cycle flash access combine to ensure deterministic system operation for time-critical control routines.

Pricing: Ranges between $11 and $16.
Availability: September 2008.

Renesas Technology Corp.,

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