Melexis rotary position sensor provides non-contacting 360 degree detection

Ieper, Belgium — The Melexis MLX90316 is a monolithic, programmable Triaxis™ Hall IC designed for absolute non-contacting 360 degree rotary position sensors. In combination with an inexpensive, ordinary magnet, the MLX90316 simplifies the angular position sensing challenges found in many automotive and industrial applications. Examples of applications include accelerator and brake pedal position sensors, throttle position sensors, steering wheel position sensors, height sensors, float-level sensors, non-contacting potentiometers andmotor-shaft position sensors. The device represents the initial entry of a family of products resulting from the combination of Melexis automotive Mixed Signal CMOS and the patented integrated magneto-concentrator (IMC®) technology of Sentron. Melexis acquired Sentron, a Swiss high tech development company, in February 2004. This combined magnetic sensing technology is being presented as Triaxis™ technology. Melexis NV , Ieper, Belgium.

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