MEMS accelerometer boosts price-performance for automotive systems

Geneva—STMicroelectronics has introduced its first automotive-qualified three-axis MEMS accelerometer.

The AIS326DQ is qualified to AEC-Q100 for automotive applications, leveraging its 200mm-wafer MEMS fabrication facility to deliver MEMS technology at competitive prices for system integrators. The AIS326DQ accelerometer is the first of a range of products spearheading ST's strategy to bring economies of scale from its MEMS business in consumer to new automotive MEMS applications.

The AIS326DQ meets automotive-industry requirements for non-safety applications such as vehicle alarms, tracking and monitoring, black-box systems, seat controls, navigation support and antenna positioning. Its high flexibility and ruggedness also benefit industrial applications such as vibration monitoring in heavy-duty equipment, or shipping-container management and security. Features include user-selectable full-scale range of ±2g or ±6g in all three axes, wide temperature range from -40 to +105°C, and 10,000g shock survivability.

Several features simplify design-in, including 3.3V single-supply operation, 1.8V-compatible I/Os, and an SPI/I²C serial digital output supporting direct connection to a microcontroller. With 12-bit resolution, the AIS326DQ can detect inclination changes as small as one-tenth of a degree. Further capabilities include a data-ready signal to simplify system synchronization, as well as user-configurable inertial wake-up, direction-detection and freefall-interrupt modes. The integrated IC interface is factory calibrated for sensitivity and zero-g level, allowing use without further calibration. An embedded self-test routine is also implemented, which can be activated at any time to verify correct functionality.

The AIS326DQ is delivered in a 28-pin QFPN package using ST's RoHS-compliant ECOPACK technology.

Pricing: $3.75 for 100,000 pieces.
Availability: Samples are available immediately, with volume production scheduled for the fourth quarter of 2008.
Datasheet: Click here.


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