MEMS-based motion sensor offers high accuracy

MUNICH, Germany — For a broad range of applications such as control of vehicle dynamics, adaptive front lights, hill-start aid, anti-theft systems or inertial brake lights, STMicroelectronics has devised a motion sensor of which it claims it offers superior accuracy.

Implemented as a two-axis in-plane device, the MEMS-based AIS226DS offers higher accuracy than two separate sensors, the vendor claims. The resolution of 0.02 degrees is also very high.

The MEMS sensor element is integrated with the circuitry necessary to handle SPI or I2C outputs. The interface circuit also contains a low-noise A/D converter. With a usable resolution of 14 bits, the device resolves acceleration changes as low as 25mg on a 2g scale. The devices however can measure acceleration of up to +/- 6g.

Qualified to automotive standard AEC Q-100, the vendor also sees non-automotive applications for the AIS226DS such as robotics, industrial equipment, and security monitors.

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