MEMS oscillators available for industrial temperature ranges

MEMS oscillator's frequency
instability at extreme temperatures has been one of the reasons that
crystal oscillators still have a foothold in many industrial
applications. That might change now that Discera has expanded its
product offering to include
industrial temperature ranges (-40 to +85 C) with +/- 50ppm and +/-
25ppm frequency

According to Discera, their PureSilicon MEMS oscillators are
pin-compatible with popular
crystal oscillators and have low operating current specs (3mA typ. at
40MHz), while consuming 1uA in standby mode. MEMS oscillators are more
impervious to shock, vibration and fractures than crystal parts.

MEMS oscillators now cost
20% less than comparable crystal oscillators, according to Discera.

PureSilicon industrial temperature range oscillator samples are
currently available with production volumes available in 3Q of this
year. PureSilicon oscillators are available in 2.5×2.0mm, 3.2×2.5mm,
5.0×3.2mm and 7.0×5.0mm plastic packages. With +/-25ppm frequency
stability over the industrial temperature range, the 1.8v, DSC1018
device in a 5.0 x 3.2mm package is priced at $1.10 /ea. in 1,000 piece

Additional information can be found on the
web at

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