MEMS oscillators break into consumer, comm apps

PORTLAND, Ore. — Two new MEMS chip families from SiTime Corp. are said to bring the technology into the high-frequency stability and multiple-frequency output realms.

The differential output SiT9102 is bill as offering high- frequency stability for GPS, cellphones and mobile devices. The second family, which includes the SiT9103 and SiT9104, are claimed to be the first MEMS programmable output clock generators with multiple phase-locked loops (PLLs), offering up to three different frequencies from the same MEMS chip for servers, routers and other networking equipment.

The SiT9102 is billed as offering +/- 10 parts per million accurary in a device that compares favorably with more expensive, temperature-compensated quartz crystal oscillators. By integrating the MEMS resonator and its PLLs into a 5-x3.2-x0.85-mm package that stacks dies. SiTime estimates that the market for high-frequency stability devices is about $180 million annually.

The SiT9103 operates at up to 800 MHz, offering three differential clock outputs. The SiT9104 operates at up to 220 MHz with six single-ended clock outputs, two from each for the three PLLs.

SiTime (Sunnyvale, Calif.) claims to have design-ins for its new MEMS oscillators, which are available now in samples. Volume deliveries will begin in 2009.

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