MESA Systemtechnik : Signal transmitter uses inductive principle

Industrial process requires often that signals from temperature sensors, like PT100 transducers, should be transferred over mechanical or mercury slip rings from a rotating shaft to a stationary device.

The transfer of these weak measuring signals is however in practice susceptible to interference. In addition slip rings need to be maintained or should be replaced from time to time. The use of mercury slip rings has to be avoided especially in food and pharmaceuticals industry

By using the INPUD-T contactless transmission system from MESA Systemtechnik all these disadvantages can be avoided. The system works on an inductive principle and is able to transfer simultaneously up to four temperature-signals without any disturbance, furthermore no maintenance will be necessary.

Already on the rotating part the incoming transducer-signals are amplified and transferred as a digital data stream over the air gap. The stationary head decodes the data stream into 4 independent analog channels. The measured temperature is output as an equivalent analog signal like 0..10V or 4..20mA. Linearization is also made in the stationary electronics.

The radial housing is mainly used for the transmission from a rotating shaft to a stationary part, axial housing on the other hand are the right match for point to point transmission or as contacless connectors.

If the unit is equipped with IP67 connectors it suits for very demanding industrial environment such as oil, dust and water.

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Heinrich Bercher


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