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12/13/2017 10:56:13 AM
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Re: nucler disater robot
@Jean-Luc Suchail---you are correct about the high levels of radiation. Depending upon the situation, the operators need to steer clear of high levels of radiation that would destroy the electronics. Some robots, as mentioned above, have radiation level detectors, others do not, but operators are typically aware of where the radioactive fuel is located via the robot cameras and will stay a good distance away. Usually, the first task is to locate the material and then come up with a plan to remove it so that the plant can be properly de-comissioned in many cases.

Jean Luc.Suchail
Jean Luc.Suchail
12/13/2017 8:29:49 AM
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nucler disater robot
I would also add a light source to have the camera useable in any conditions.... night or inside a building. I am not sure even rad-hard components as we use on our satellites would survive the levels of radiations such a robot could be exposed.


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