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12/20/2017 9:07:25 AM
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Traffic signals affect all of us, but I wonder how many people (other than engineers) even give it a second thought.  I recall a few years back that IBM was working on a traffic light synchronization design and just a few weeks ago that neural networks were proposed to do the same.  I'd be willing to donate my trusty Commodore 64 to my home town to time the too-many lights we now have.  I'd like to know who to contact to fix a recent issue; when we switched to Standard time last month, the lights that only flash yellow during the overnight hours are now cycling an hour earlier (my commute time) and I find myself behing a red light with not another car in sight. 

Regarding a motorcycle unable to trigger a road sensor, some state (maybe Michigan) recently passed a law that allows a motorcycle to run a red if he is stuck there over two minutes.  I think he has to make the sign of the cross and say three Our Fathers in those two minutes.

If you saw the Unibomber documentary this summer, there was a great scene with the lead detective alone on the road behind a red light at midnight (one of the Unibomber's issues with our technical society).


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