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5/11/2018 5:04:34 PM
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Re: Bipolar precision signal measurement using Delta Sigma ADC
Hello Laxtronics---I highly recommend that you contact your local Analog Devices, Texas Instruments or other favorite Data converter IC company applications/sales engineers for help with this. They will have the time to get the right part for your design

5/9/2018 9:39:42 PM
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Bipolar precision signal measurement using Delta Sigma ADC
I am looking for 16 bit (or more) Delta Sigma ADC that can carryout Bipolar signal measurement, i.e. positive and negative signals in the range of about +2 to -2 volts with respect to its input common. Input single ended or differential. Serial Output preferred. Data rate 20 Samples or more.

I have come across Microchip MCP3428-E/SL, 16-Bit Serial ADC. I am not sure if this chip can meet my requirement.

Reply requested from experts.


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