Mezzanine card offers power management capabilities for Telecom applications

A leading industry supplier of efficient power management components, ON Semiconductor presented a sample of its AdvancedMC-compliant, power conversion solutions for +12 volt (V) telecom subsystems. The design options for computing cards, multi-DSP cards and switch fabric cards were offered for implementation in routers, switches and base stations.

AdvancedMC specifications provide a standards-based architecture for mezzanine card power management subsystems in next generation communications equipment. Subsystem issues – such as hot swap and delivery of multiple point-of-load voltages in a single, size-constrained system environment – are creating unique power management challenges for mezzanine card system designers.

“The power management needs of a given mezzanine card vary to such a degree that a staggeringly diverse array of point-of-load requirements have emerged in the industry,” said Mike Stapleton, ON Semiconductor director of Analog Computing Products. “Drawing from our equally diverse, feature-rich product portfolio, ON Semiconductor has identified examples of the AdvancedMC(tm)-compliant solution sets we offer to provide both the power performance and design flexibility necessary to meet customers' specific point-of-load parameters.”

Hot Swap Protection: ON Semiconductor's AdvancedMC(tm) solution sets incorporate the newly released NIS5102 SMART HotPlugTM – a high side hot swap protection IC with built-in charge pump and accurate temperature sensing circuitry. Designed for computing and telecom applications, it combines a power MOSFET with control circuitry and thermal protection. This integrated approach simplifies implementation of vital “hot swap” protection in high availability +12 V systems and is ideal for use in distributed power systems, servers, disk arrays and powered board insertion applications.

DC-DC Controllers: Customer selections of processors, DSPs, memories, ASICs, FPGAs and other components will create varied point-of-load requirements. ON Semiconductor's selection of dc-dc controllers provides the various component features designers need to meet the requirements of different distributed power architectures.

The analog devices included in the comprehensive AdvancedMC(tm) solutions include:
* NCP5425 Dual Synchronous Buck Controller contains internal gate drivers that can provide two independent outputs or one high current output. This feature-rich controller offers adjustable switching frequency up to 750 kilohertz (kHz) and a +1 percent 0.8 V reference.
* NCP1580 Low Voltage Synchronous Buck Controller provides a 1.5 ampere (A) floating gate driver design to drive N-channel MOSFETs in a synchronous configuration. This controller features a fixed 350 kHz oscillator and soft-start function, and can produce an output voltage as low as 0.8 V.
* NCP5210 PWM Dual Buck and Linear DDR2 Power Controller incorporates two synchronous pulse width modulation (PWM) buck controllers for driving four N-channel MOSFETs to form the DDR memory supply voltage (VDDQ) and the Memory Control Hub (MCH) regulator.

Discrete Components
Each of these mezzanine card power management subsystems requires different MOSFETs, diodes, rectifiers, and transistors to complete the controller circuits and implement the specific point-of-load voltages. With its extensive and well-established discrete component portfolios, ON Semiconductor addresses this need and offers the purchasing and delivery convenience of dealing with a single supplier.

The +12 V power management solution set for AdvancedMC cards, supplements ON Semiconductor's existing -48 V power management solutions for the entire AdvancedTCA infrastructure, including standard cards, carrier cards, and mezzanine cards.

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