Micrel Announces Dual-Slot PCI Express Hot-Swap Power Controller

Micrel launched the MIC2591B , a dual-slot, multi-rail, hot-swap power controller IC produced in a space-saving, 48-pin TQFP package.

The chip is aimed at next-generation mid- and high-end servers and general purpose hot-plug power control applications complying with PCI Express. The circuit features an extremely small footprint, flexible design and enhanced performance over solutions currently available on the market.

It is currently shipping in volume quantities and is priced at $10.95 for 5,000-piece tape and reel OEM quantities. In addition to sophisticated multi-rail power control, the IC adds an on-chip 12-channel, 8-bit delta-sigma ADC to support the latest Integrated Platform Management Interface (IPMI) v1.0 industry specification.

The chip also includes a SMBus interface for advanced power management and control, and fault status reporting.

Micrel Semiconductor Ltd , Newbury, Berkshire RG14 5QS, UK.

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