Microchip : Automotive transceivers are LIN-SAE J2602 certified

Microchip announces the MCP2021 and MCP2022 (MCP202X) LIN/SAE J2602 transceivers. The new devices are 3rd party-LIN/J2602 approved, OEM approved, and AEC-Q100 certified to meet the stringent requirements of global automotive manufacturers worldwide. The transceivers include built-in voltage regulators and are compliant with the LIN Bus 2.0/2.1 and SAE J2602 standards, as well as the previous-generation LIN 1.X standards.

The market momentum for LIN remains strong in all major product areas. According to the research firm Strategy Analytics*, LIN represents the second largest market segment in networked automotive applications, in terms of number of nodes. The MCP202X family represents Microchip’s second generation of LIN/SAE J2602, following the Company’s previous-generation MCP201 family.

The MCP202X transceivers, with their built-in voltage regulator, reduce the number of external components needed and transceivers’ proven robustness and world-class ESD performance enable reliable communication in even harsh environments. Additionally, the devices’ industry-leading low emissions eliminates the need for external shielding, which is of particular interest to noise-sensitive systems. Low power consumption in operational and standby modes (115 and 16 micro Amperes, respectively) makes the MCP202X transceivers suitable for non ignition-switched applications, and helps extend battery life.

Three low-cost development tools are available to help designers get started. The PICDEM™ CAN-LIN 3 Demonstration Board (DM163015) for $199.99, the ECAN™/LIN PICtail™ Plus Daughter Board (AC164130) for $45.00 and the LIN Serial Analyser (APGDT001) for $64.95 and are available from

The MCP2021 transceiver is available in 8-pin SOIC, PDIP and 4mm x 4mm DFN packages. The MCP2022 transceiver is available in 14-pin SOIC, TSSOP and PDIP packages. Samples are available at, and volume-production quantities can be purchased today at

*Source: Mak, Kevin K. Automotive Multiplexing Protocols: Cost/Performance Driving New Protocol Adoption. Strategy Analytics Automotive Electronics Service. Published November 2007 in the UK.

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