Microchip expands SPI-based volatile digital potentiometer line

Chandler, Ariz.—Microchip Technology Inc. announced the MCP4131/2, MCP4231/2, MCP4151/2 and MCP4251/2 (MCP41/423X and MCP41/425X) digital potentiometers.

The volatile, 7- and 8-bit devices have a SPI interface and are specified over the entire extended temperature range of -40°C to 125°C. They feature a low static current consumption of 1 microampere, maximum, and help extend battery life in a variety of consumer and industrial electronic applications.

Unlike their mechanical counterparts, the volatile MCP41/423X and MCP41/425X potentiometers can be controlled digitally, through an SPI interface. This eliminates the need for human interface to adjust the wiper setting, which increases system accuracy, flexibility and manufacturing throughput, while decreasing manufacturing costs.

With low static current consumption of 1 microampere, maximum, the MCP41/423X and MCP41/425X digital potentiometers are appropriate for consumer and industrial electronic applications, such as power-supply trim and calibration; set-point and process control; closed-loop servo control; PC peripherals; portable instrumentation; instrumentation offset adjust and signal conditioning.

The devices are available in several industry-standard packages, including the 3 x 3-mm DFN package.

Pricing: In 10,000-unit quantities, the MCP4131/2 cost 48 cents each; the MCP4231, MCP4232 and MCP4151/2 cost 64 cents each; and the MCP4252 costs 67 cents each.
Availability: Samples and volume-production quantities can be ordered today at and respectively.
Datasheets: MCP4131, MCP4132, MCP4231, MCP4232, MCP4151, MCP4152, MCP4251, MCP4252.

Microchip Technology, 1-480-792-7200,

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