Microchip MCP47A1 D/A converter

Designed for automotive, audio and industrial markets, Microchip Technology Inc.’s latest MCP47A1 D/A converter is a low-power, low-cost device featuring a 1.8-5.5V wide operating voltage range, extended temperature range of -40 to +125 degrees Celsius, and  a 6-pin SC70 package. 

Applications include portable, handheld battery-operated products, as well as set-point or offset trimming and sensitive mechanical-trim pot replacement.

The MCP47A1 D/A converter also provides 65 taps, through an I2C interface, including taps to both full-scale and zero-scale, providing additional functionality.  Low power consumption extends lifetimes in applications with finite power supplies, and the low cost is suitable for cost-sensitive applications. 

The MCP47A1 D/A converter is available today for sampling and volume production, at $0.42 each in 5,000-unit quantities.

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