Microchip’s Power Management ICs combine several discrete functions

Wokingham, UK — Microchip introduces the TC1303/TC1304 and TC1313 series of power management ICs that combine a synchronous buck switching regulator, low dropout (LDO) regulator and power-good function into single-chip solutions. All five device options include the 500 mA Buck Regulator, and the 300mA LDO. The differences between the devices relate to the power-good function. The TC1303A power-good operates on the buck regulator output, while for the TC1303B it operates on the LDO output and for the TC1303C on both the buck regulator and LDO outputs. For the TC1304 power-good is used to provide a power sequencing function, and the TC1313 does not feature a power-good function at all. The devices provide a low-power, low-cost, minimal board space solution for a variety of battery-operated and dual output voltage systems. The synchronous buck regulator is a very efficient switching DC-DC converter. Under heavier loads, the converter operates in PWM mode at a fixed 2.0MHz switching frequency. For lighter loads, such as in a standby mode, it switches to a power-saving pulse frequency modulation (PFM) mode. Microchip Technology , Wokingham, UK.

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