Microcontroller-based RF transmitter family targets automotive remote keyless entry applications

Convergence Show, Detroit, MI — Atmel Corporation has announced the AVR®-microcontroller-based RF transmitter family ATA577x for remote keyless entry (RKE) applications. The devices are system-in-package (SiP) or multi chip module (MCM) solutions incorporating the company's well-known AVR microcontroller, ATtiny44V, and the T5750/53/54 RF transmitter.

The family covers all worldwide frequencies (ATA5773: 315 MHz, ATA5774: 433 MHz, and ATA5771: 868 to 928 MHz). The tiny QFN24 packages, measuring only 5 mm x 5 mm, allow the creation of extremely small key fob designs at competitive costs.

The ATA577x family members are ideal for high-volume, uni-directional RF RKE car keys with a separate immobilizer transponder. Ideal for RKE applications, the ICs focus on the latest RF and microcontroller technologies while retaining legacy transponder protocol compatibility. Additionally, thanks to the stacked SiP technology, these applications will benefit by material cost savings of about 10 percent and a board area saving of about 20 percent, compared to conventional two-chip solutions.

Data sheets for the ATA5771, ATA5773 and
ATA5774 are available.

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