Micronas rolls single-chip full HD TV receiver

MUNICH, Germany — Following the trend towards high definition TV, Micronas has introduced a complete HDTV receiver on a single chip.

Incorporating already the third generation of single-chip TV receivers, the new VCT Premium supports full 1080p HD resolution, the company says. The device integrates audio, video, teletext, OSD and controller-related functionalities as well as memory for audio and video processing and program ROM. For expansion purposes, the chip offers a port to connect external RAM.

A dual-input HDMI receiver is also integrated on the chip. With the ability to support upcoming broadcast format H.264 and a frame rate of 120 Hz, the vendor aims at OEMs presently designing their next-generation HD TV sets.

In addition to standard color space typically used for PAL or NTSC systems, the chip also can deal with extended color space schemes such as xvYCC and it expands the color formats to work with Wide Color Gamut panels. In addition, the system eliminates so called 'mosquito noise' and 'block noise', both associated to the way MPEG compresses the video signal.

If connected to a Blu-ray or HD-DVD drive, the system outputs video signals at 24 Hz, the same frame rate as in movie theaters. In connection with the FRC94xyM which Micronas introduced recently, the system expands this video signal to 120Hz quality by carrying out interpolation computations.

The new chip will be introduced and demonstrated at the IFA consumer electronics show in Berlin from August 31 through September 5.

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