Microsemi expands power management folio with fast transient response regulator family

Microsemi Corporation has expanded the company's power management portfolio with the introduction of the LX8213 300 mA CMOS LDO voltage regulator that is optimized for digital and communication-based systems requiring low noise and fast transient response, including set top boxes, digital televisions, broadband modems and wireless access points.

Rapidly changing load currents found in these applications necessitates the faster transient response found in Microsemi's LX8213. The solution maintains regulated output voltage set points, without the need for a large amount of output capacitance, while keeping solution costs to a minimum.

“System designers using Microsemi's LX8213 fast transient response ultra-low dropout regulator no longer need to bulk-up on capacitance, saving bill of materials cost and PCB area,” said Richard Johnson, product line manager at Microsemi's Analog Mixed Signal Group. “Microsemi's focused portfolio of LDOs, PWM controllers and regulators addresses the needs of designers with demanding low noise analog and dynamic digital loads found in set top box, digital television, and wireless access point equipment.”

LX8213 key features:

  • Low dropout voltage of 170mV (typ) at 3.3V and 300mA
  • Wide input voltage range of 2.5V to 6V
  • Optimized for use with ceramic capacitors
  • Power saving mode
  • Fixed and adjustable output voltage options
  • Output discharges when disabled

The LX8213 is offered in standard, fixed output voltage options and one adjustable option which may be set from 800 mV to 5.5 V, expanding Microsemi's LDO family. Microsemi power management circuits consist of PWM devices that address higher power conversion needs and LDO devices like the LX8213 that are ideal for lower power needs. The LX8213 is designed on a high performance CMOS process to enable tighter specification limits for critical parameters such as initial accuracy and line and load regulation.

Availability and Pricing

The LX8213 will be available in production this month. It is offered in a ROHS compliant 5-pin SOT-23 package. Pricing in 10,000 unit quantities is $0.11.

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