Military battery offers state-of-charge indicator

Joplin, MO and Herndon, VA — The Defense and Space Power Division of EaglePicher Technologies, LLC, and POWERPRECISE Solutions, Inc. today announced that EaglePicher has released a new BA-5590 battery with a built-in state-of-charge indicator (SOCI) developed by POWERPRECISE Solutions. In addition, EaglePicher has been awarded a $1 million contract by the U.S. Army Communications Electronics Command (CECOM) for qualification and delivery of the new BA-5590 battery with SOCI. EaglePicher will begin delivery of initial units to CECOM in Spring, 2005.

The high-energy lithium sulfur dioxide (LiSO2) BA-5590 is the military's most widely used battery, and tremendous cost and logistics savings are anticipated with the addition of an SOCI. Users will now have the ability to make smart replacement decisions based on the remaining energy capacity, eliminating the need to discard a mission-critical battery after a single use.

Batteries that previously might have been discarded prematurely due to the inability to know the remaining capacity now have a display that indicates remaining capacity at levels of greater than 80 percent, 60 percent, 40 percent and 20 percent. The SOCI on the BA-5590 provides the user with an indication of the remaining capacity through a unique light emitting-diode (LED) display, which is designed for both night operations and bright light environments. For use with a Single Channel Ground and Airborne Radio System (SINCGARS), the EaglePicher BA-5590 battery equipped with the SOCI allows users to correlate percentage of capacity remaining to operating time remaining, allowing for more effective equipment management.

“Military organizations around the world use EaglePicher batteries to provide both primary and back-up power for a wide range of communications equipment, imaging devices and weapons systems,” said Lou Lupo, vice president and general manager, Defense and Space Power, EaglePicher Technologies, LLC. “This technological advancement in smart battery management made possible through our partnership with POWERPRECISE and CECOM will help our military customers reduce total cost of ownership by providing indication of real-time power availability so they can use the complete energy of the battery.”

“EaglePicher has a long history of developing the world's most advanced energy storage systems that surpass strict military performance requirements,” said Gary Davison, CEO, POWERPRECISE Solutions, Inc. “We are pleased that our advanced SOCI battery management solution has been chosen to prolong the usefulness of EaglePicher batteries used in mission-critical U.S. Army applications.”

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