Mini digital signal conditioner monitors noisy environments

Cranston, R.I. — Suitable for monitoring multiple industrial stations in noisy environments, Electro Standards Laboratories' CellMite 100 embedded digital signal conditioner offers a unique integrated feature set — making it one of the most powerful units in its class, according to the company.

CellMite 100 can be directly integrated into a standard strain gage transducer such as a load cell or extensometer, or it's available as a compact encased unit that connects directly to a standard strain gage transducer.

CellMite 100 generates a ±10-V analog output along with a serial digital output for connection to a computer. It has multiple filter selections for filtering and linearization of the transducer, which enables the transducer to operate as a sensor. CellMite compensates for transducer nonlinearities with its integrated six-point capability, which is not found in standard signal conditioners. The six-point capability allows the unit to more precisely correct for non-ideal output from the sensor.

CellMite's multi-drop RS232 serial port allows the RS232 driver to go into a tristate condition when not being used. This process allows multiple units to be connected together on a three-wire bus, receive data signal (RXD), transmit data signal (TXD), and signal ground (GND). This concept is similar to the bussing of units in a RS485 architecture, but because CellMite uses RS232, it can connect directly to a PC. The Cellmite has the ability to plug directly into a PC serial port for ease of use, or can be configured for RS485 operation for more demanding environments.

CellMite's on-board memory supports the IEEE 1451 standard, transducer electronic data sheet (TEDS) smart cell interface. Additional features include nonvolatile memory for parameter and calibration storage, ability to select between two transducer calibrations, and field programmability for software updates. CellMite offers two-point millivolt per volt calibration, 24-bit resolution, scalable ±10-V analog output with16-bit resolution, remote shunt capability and selectable sample rate.

Pricing for the CellMite 100 is $250.00 each in 1,000-piece quantities.

Click here for additional technical information on the CellMite 100.

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