Miniature LED Driver – targets handheld displays

Microsemi Corp has announced a miniature LED driver for powering LEDs in handheld display applications that include wireless phones, pagers, digital cameras, GPS receivers and PDAs.

The LX1995&#153 step-up boost converter is available in one of the industry's thinnest 5-pin packages, the 1.0 mm high Thin Shrink Small Outline TSOT. Equally important in application, the circuit utilizes the smallest-sized external inductor and filter capacitors to conserve even more board space for handheld designs.

The LX1995 driver is available in two options for switch current specifications: the LX1995-1, with a switch current of 325mA for applications of up to six LEDs; and the LX1995-2 with a switch current of 500mA for applications up to ten. It also is designed to provide automatic brightness control of LED displays when teamed with Microsemi's visible light sensors, such as the LX1971&#153 and LX1972&#153.

The LX1995 also is available in the 1.3 mm high SOT-23 package for applications not requiring the thinnest height. Both versions are available for immediate sampling and delivery, with 10K quantity pricing at $0.58 for the TSOT and $0.50 for the SOT-23 version.

Microsemi Europe , County Clareennis, Ireland.

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