Miniature microphone targets waterproof, dustproof apps

Elk Grove Village, Ill.—Fully complying with the IP-57, IEC Standard, Ver. 2.0, Transducers USA's miniature Model KECG2742 electret condenser microphone meets requirements for waterproof and dustproof applications.

The units small size of 6.0-mm x 4.1-mm along with its compliance with the IP-57 Standard, make it an ideal adjunct for mobile radio, transceivers, remote speaker microphones, or for any equipment requiring components to meet harsh environmental conditions.

Transducers USA's microphone is Omni-directional with a response frequency of 100 ” 20,000Hz at a low signal to noise response of 60dBA. Output impedance is 2.2KΩ at its operating voltage 2.0VDC @ 0.5mA within a temperature range of from “20 to +70°C. The model is aluminum housed, furnished with two wire leads and is RoHS compliant.

Pricing: $0.99 each in lots of 10,000 pieces.
Availability: Delivery quoted at from stock to six weeks ARO, depending on quantity requirement.

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