Miniature optical transceivers target Ethernet, Fibre Channel apps

Chicago, Ill.—Stratos Optical Technologies is offering its line of miniature optical transceivers as a smaller-sized alternative to MSA telecom devices in Ethernet and Fibre Channel applications.

The miniature optical transceivers offer an ultra small outline for high data rates up to 4-Gbits/s. The family initially consists of 850-nm products for the Fibre Channel and Gigabit Ethernet markets, as well as a 1310-nm device to address long wave Gigabit Ethernet requirements.

Stratos will soon be releasing other members into this product line, offering products from OC3 to OC48, as well as custom products for requirements outlined by customers. These transceivers are fully compliant with the IEEE Ethernet and ANSI Fibre Channel standards, but can be used for other data communications within their operating parameters.

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