Miniature power meters range up to 26.5GHz

Satori Technology have extended its range of USB power meters with the release of the ST265 miniature RF and Microwave power meter. According to Satori Technology, this new unit extends the frequency limit for available USB power meters up to 26.5GHz. (The ST265 now covers a frequency range of 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz.)

All measurement data and settings are sent via a USB interface to and from a PC or laptop. This gives the experience of using a computer as the user interface in classic microwave power measurement. Each power meters contains a CPU which controls the sensor, processes the measurement results and operates the USB interface.

The ST265 extends the company's existing series (ST124 and ST185 USB Power Meters). Extended individual calibration procedures have resulted in improved temperature compensation and better linearity performance with RF frequency. The use of a K-type RF connector gives repeatedly low reflection coefficients up to 26.5GHz.

Satori Technology supplies its own software toolkit which enables multiple power meters to be operated simultaneously. Drivers are available for Agilent VEE and National Instruments LabVIEW. Measuring 34 x 43 x 125 mm, the meters weigh 83g.

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