Miniature VCXO Available In Frequencies Up To 180MHz

June 2004 – Nihon Dempa Kogyo (NDK) announces the availability of the NV7050SA series, a miniature Voltage Controlled Crystal Oscillator (VCXO) available in the frequency range of 1.544~180MHz. The miniature hermetically sealed 6 pad SMD package measures only 7.0×5.0mm with a thickness of only 1.6mm. The NV7050SA delivers a CMOS output in the 1.544~80MHz frequency range and a PECL output in the 80~180MHz frequency range. This VCXO has an operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C with a frequency stability of 50ppm maximum and an absolute pull range of 100ppm. It operates on a supply voltage of +3.3VDC while consuming 30mA maximum (CMOS) and 70mA maximum (PECL). The NV7050SA has a control voltage of 0~3.3VDC with a load of 15pF (CMOS) and 50 ohms (PECL).

Applications for the NV7050SA include telecom and enterprise networks, base stations, and instrumentation.

Cost for the NV7050SA series is under $5.00 each in 2,000 piece quantities. Engineering samples can be ordered by going to the NDK order site (you will need to register), or by calling 800-NDK-XTAL (635-9825). Volume production will begin in October of 2004. A complete set of technical data and application engineering support is available, by calling 800-NDK-XTAL (635-9825), visiting, or email .

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