Mixed-signal instrument provides multi-site testing of SiP/SoC devices

Milpitas, Calif. — Credence Systems has enhanced its Diamond test platform with the introduction of its MultiWave instrument, a mixed-signal solution for multi-site testing of highly integrated system-in-package (SiP) and system-on-chip (SoC) devices used in mainstream consumer applications.

The MultiWave instrument integrates the functionality of multiple instruments in one multi-channel arbitrary waveform generator and digitizer unit, allowing for fully parallel and concurrent testing of audio and video SiP and SoC components for lower cost testing.
The instrument also offers plug-and-play configurability for high-mix product environments.

Tailored for multi-site testing with parallel signal generation and sampling of analog signals, the MultiWave instrument's four independent wide-range generator channels and four independent digitizer channels allow for concurrent testing of video and audio components, fully synchronized to the digital components. These channels are designed to generate AC or DC signals in a wide frequency range from high-precision audio to high-speed video applications. Each digitizer or generator path can be software configured as a high precision or high frequency signal path on demand. Sampling rates range from 0 to 250 mega samples per second (MS/s) with resolutions from 16-bit for video and up to 24-bit for high precision audio tests.

Together with the highest precision and the capability to address analog bandwidths exceeding 100 MHz, the MultiWave instrument covers the test needs of a wide spectrum of mixed-signal consumer components in the market, said Credence. Differential phase and gain stability of less than 0.1% enable highly reliable testing of video and wireless baseband performance.

The instrument also features flexible instrument trigger modes — with multiple trigger inputs and outputs per instrument — that allow for a pattern-controlled test flow and reliable digital-to-analog synchronization for highly efficient test methodologies. In addition to the converter path, every input/output channel includes a separate high precision Kelvin PMU for parallel DC parametric tests.

Product information: Diamond 10 IC test system and Diamond 40 IC test system

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