Mixel releases characterization report for SerDes IP

San Jose, Calif.—Mixel Inc. announced the availability of an extensive characterization report for its MXL-SRDS-4254, a four-channel SerDes IP suitable for PCI Express, SATA, Fibre channel, Sonet, XAUI and other serial interface standards.

The MXL-SRDS-4254, low-power IP has four channels, each running at 1- to 4.25-Gbits/s. The IP is silicon-proven in TSMC and Chartered 130-nm process technologies.

“The MXL-SRDS-4254 is by far the most programmable SerDes available on the market,” said Ashraf Takla, Mixel president and chief executive. “The highly programmable features of our second-generation SerDes technology…make the MXL-SRDS-4254 a unique solution for SOC applications. We have invested in the resources needed to extensively characterize our most advanced IPs as we sharpen our focus on commercializing Mixel's technology. The result is a full characterization report that shows superior performance and high yield,” he added.

Features of the MXL-SRDS-4254 include the programmable output voltage swing, programmable termination resistors at the transmitter and receiver, programmable transmitter preemphasis, programmable receiver post-equalization, programmable frequency multiplication factor, and wide data-rate range.

The deserializer can tolerate a large number of transition-free UI, and has high tolerance to frequency mismatch. The modular design offers flexibility for different channel configurations and facilitates porting to other process nodes and foundries.

A full set of characterization data is now available for review. To download, log-in on the company's website by clicking here.

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