Mobile Payment at Germany’s Oktoberfest – Munich Based Payworks Enables Cashless Payments at the Oktoberfest 2012

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MUNICH, Germany, September 17, 2012

MUNICH, Germany , September 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ —

It is the world's largest fair and one of the most famous events in Germany with close to 7 million visitors from all over the world. This year, the charming saleswomen, selling souvenirs like Bavarian hats, stuffed animals and flowers directly at the marquees, will be using a mobile Point of Sale application developed by Munich based company payworks in order to accept card payments and facilitate the payment process for their customers. The application has been deployed for the Austrian Payment Service Provider PayUnity and works with a small card reading device, which is simply plugged into an iPhone.

The Munich based Startup payworks has deployed its mobile Point of Sale application for the innovative Austrian Payment Service Provider PayUnity, enabling small and medium sized merchants to seamlessly accept card payments from their customers. Merchants only require an iPhone with the application as well as a EMV chip reader, which is plugged into the phone. Customers verify themselves with a signature on the touchscreen.

With the pretty saleswomen from BavaRoi, PayUnity now equips one of the first merchants with the new solution. The application will be used at Oktoberfest 's celebrity hotspots Hippodrom and Kaefers Wiesn-Schaenke. Both shoppers and merchants benefit from the solution: “When our customers wanted to pay by card in the past, our girls had to get one of our rented card terminals from our home base. This process took quite some time and was quite complicated,” says BavaRoi's Managing Director Moritz Gauger . “Given the easy and intuitive handling as well as the significantly lower cost, we are now not only working with one but multiple devices. This makes it much easier for us and especially for our clients.”

payworks co-founder Christian Deger and his team are looking forward to the premiere of their application at the largest fair of the world. “For us as a Munich based company, it is a special honor that our technology is used at the Oktoberfest . We have an outstanding team, which has done a tremendous job during the last couple of months in order to support providers like PayUnity to realize their mobile payment projects.”

The technology developed by payworks serves providers of different mobile payment applications as a platform for the realization of their solution. The young company provides easy to use developer SDKs as well as turnkey solutions in order to facilitate projects in both the mobile Point of Sale and mobile commerce area. Besides the provision of the required technical infrastructure for payment processing, payworks supports its clients in regulatory questions and the identification of the right partners. This way, the company contributes significantly to the fast and cost efficient execution of different types of mobile payment projects.

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About payworks:

payworks develops and operates mobile payment solutions for payment providers, banks and telecommunications providers. The company's payment products comprise both modular components as well as turnkey solutions in the areas of mobile Point of Sale and mobile commerce. As full service provider, payworks enables its clients to enter the mobile payment sector with innovative and reliable solutions without the need of high investments.

About PayUnity

PayUnity is a specialized provider of payment services via the internet and a service of PayLife. Through one single interface, clients of PayUnity get access to a large number of financial institutions all over Austria and Europe , enabling them to accept a multitude of different payment methods in all common currencies. With fully-integrated web-shop solutions, supporting tools for merchants as well as comprehensive risk management services, PayUnity brings internet revenues directly to merchants and opens up the world of e-Commerce to many different companies – simple, cost-efficient and secure.

About BavaRoi

BavaRoi is the leading retailer for traditional Bavarian souvenirs. They have started selling their merchandise at the Oktoberfest over 15 years ago and are now present with multiple Oktoberfest -booths. Additionally, their numerous salesgirls dressed in traditional Bavarian clothes advertise their products all over the Oktoberfest . BavaRoi produces the official Bavarian souvenirs for the beer tents and provides a wide range of customizable Oktoberfest memorabilia for corporate customers.

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