Mobile WiMAX device integrates baseband, RF and memory

Munich, Germany—WiMAX chipmaker SEQUANS Communications announced availability of its newest chip, the SQN1170, which integrates baseband, RF, and memory in a single device.

Sequans also announced that system-in-package module maker Mitsumi is the first to use the chip to develop an SDIO module consisting of full Mobile WiMAX system functionality. The SDIO module offers manufacturers a flexible product to quickly build high performance, low power-consuming Mobile WiMAX end user devices. The SDIO module is the first of several modules Mitsumi is developing based on Sequans' SQN1170.

The SQN1170 measures 12X12 mm² and delivers high throughput of more than 30 Mbit/s with very low power, consuming less than 600 mW total power in peak MIMO mode. The Mitsumi SDIO module measures a 400 mm², integrating with the SQN1170 all components necessary to deliver full Mobile WiMAX system functionality.

The SQN1170 can be used to build all types of mobile devices from mobile phones to embedded PC applications to SDIO modules for consumer electronics devices. It also easily enables integrated combination designs such as WiFi/WiMAX half MiniCards with standard PCB and assembly technologies.

Datasheet: Click here.

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