Modulator integrated DFB Laser locks on the wavelength

Fujitsu Compound Semiconductor, Inc. announces a new Modulator Integrated DFB Laser with an integrated Fabry-Perot etalon for wavelength locking. The FLD5F20CE-Exxxx is for 9.95328 Gb/s Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) applications. The transmission capacity is up to 1600 ps/nm corresponding to 80km. The FLD5F20CE-Exxxx can be tuned to an ITU-T 50GHz spaced channel in the C-band via adjustment of chip temperature with the included thermoelectric cooling. The included wavelength locker allows the output wavelength to be locked to an ITU-T grid channel and to remove any wavelength drift that may arise from the MI-DFB laser over its lifetime or case temperature variations.

This device comes in a compact 7 pin package with a GPO connector for modulation voltage. This laser is available at any of the 85 ITU-T channels in the C-band (191.8-196.0 THz).

FCSI's products include devices for fiber optic digital telecommunications applications in the 622 Mbs ” 40 Gb/s range (laser diodes, receiver modules, GaAs IC's, LN modulators, XFPs, SFPs, and 300 pin MSA transponders), and analog lasers for CATV applications (broadcast and return path). FCSI produces lasers at ITU grid wavelengths for DWDM systems. FCSI's products also include microwave and millimeter wave RF devices for cellular, handset, broadcast and satellite communications.

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